Winners of the 2004 IFComp

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1st place Earth And Sky 3: Luminous Horizon by Paul O'Brian
2nd place Blue Chairs by Chris Klimas
3rd place All Things Devours by half sick of shadows
4th place Sting of the Wasp by Jason Devlin
5th place Square Circle by Eric Eve
6th place The Orion Agenda by Ryan Weisenberger
7th place Mingsheng by Deane Saunders
8th place Splashdown by Paul J. Furio
9th place Gamlet by Tomasz Pudlo
10th place Trading Punches by Mike Snyder
11th place The Great Xavio by Reese Warner
12th place Goose, Egg, Badger by Brian Rapp
13th place The Big Scoop by Johan Berntsson
14th place I Must Play by Geoff Fortytwo
15th place Identity by Dave Bernazzani
16th place Murder at the Aero Club by Penny Wyatt
17th place Bellclap by Tommy Herbert
18th place Magocracy by Joseph Rheaume
19th place Typo! by Peter Seebach and Kevin Lynn
20th place Kurusu City by Kevin Venzke
21st place Blink by Ian Waddell
22nd place Chronicle Play Torn by Penczer Attila
23rd place A Day In The Life Of A Superhero by David Whyld
24th place Order by John Evans @Chaoseed
25th place Who Created That Monster? by N. B. Horvath
26th place Blue Sky by Hans Fugal
27th place The Realm by Michael Sheldon
28th place Redeye by John Pitchers
29th place Stack Overflow by Timofei Shatrov
30th place Zero by William A. Tilli
31st place Zero One by Edward Plant
32nd place A Light's Tale by Zach Flynn
33rd place Getting Back to Sleep by Patrick Evans
34th place Ruined Robots by Nicholas Dudek, Gregory Dudek, and Natasha Dudek
35th place PTBAD 3 by Jonathan BERMAN
36th place Ninja by Paul Allen Panks

The organizer of the 2004 Annual Interactive Fiction Competition was Stephen Granade.