Winners of the 2003 IFComp

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1st place Slouching Towards Bedlam by Star Foster and Daniel Ravipinto
2nd place Risorgimento Represso by Michael J. Coyne
3rd place Scavenger by Quintin Stone
4th place The Erudition Chamber by Daniel Freas
5th place Gourmet by Aaron A. Reed and Chad Barb
6th place shadows on the mirror by Chrysoula Tzavelas
7th place The Recruit by Mike Sousa
8th place Baluthar by Chris Molloy Wischer
9th place Cerulean Stowaway by Roger Descheneaux
10th place The Atomic Heart by Stefan Blixt
11th place Episode in the Life of an Artist by Peter Eastman
12th place A Paper Moon by Andrew Krywaniuk
13th place Sardoria by Anssi Räisänen
14th place Caffeination by Michael Loegering
15th place Temple of Kaos by Peter Gambles
16th place Sophie's Adventure by David Whyld
17th place Adoo's Stinky Story by B. Perry
18th place Domicile by John Evans @Chaoseed
19th place Internal Documents by Tom Lechner
20th place Sweet Dreams by Papillon
21st place The Adventures of the President of the United States by Mikko Vuorinen
22nd place No Room by Ben Heaton
23rd place Delvyn by William A. Tilli
24th place Little girl in the big world by Peter Wendrich
25th place Bio by David Linder
26th place Hercules First Labor by Robert Carl Brown
27th place Amnesia by Dustin Rhodes
28th place Curse of Manorland by James King
29th place The Fat Lardo and the Rubber Ducky by Anonymous
30th place Rape, Pillage, Galore! by Kristian Kirsfeldt

The organizer of the 2003 Annual Interactive Fiction Competition was Stephen Granade.