Winners of the 2006 IFComp

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1st place Floatpoint by Emily Short
2nd place The Primrose Path by Nolan Bonvouloir
3rd place The Elysium Enigma by Eric Eve
4th place Tales of the Traveling Swordsman by Mike Snyder
5th place Moon-Shaped by Jason Ermer
6th place Delightful Wallpaper by Edgar O. Weyrd
7th place Legion by Jason Devlin
8th place Madam Spider's Web by Sara Dee
9th place Möbius by J.D. Clemens
10th place Unauthorized Termination by Richard Otter
11th place Game Producer! by Jason Bergman
12th place The Sisters by revgiblet
13th place Star City by Mark Sachs
14th place Strange Geometries by Phillip Chambers
15th place The Tower of the Elephant by Tor Andersson
16th place Aunts and Butlers by Robin Douglas Johnson
17th place Xen: The Hunt by Ian Shlasko
18th place Labyrinth by Samantha Casanova Preuninger
19th place Requiem by David Whyld
20th place Carmen Devine: Supernatural Troubleshooter by Rob Myall
21st place The Bible Retold: The Bread and the Fishes by Justin Morgan and Celestianpower
22nd place Another Goddamn Escape the Locked Room Game by Riff Conner
23rd place Fight or Flight by Sean Krauss
24th place MANALIVE, A Mystery of Madness - I by Bill Powell
25th place Hedge by Steven Richards
26th place A Broken Man by Geoff Fortytwo
27th place Polendina by Christopher Lewis
28th place The Initial State by Matt Barton
29th place MANALIVE, A Mystery of Madness - II by Bill Powell
30th place Pathfinder by Tony Woods
31st place The Apocalypse Clock by GlorbWare
32nd place Wumpus Run by Elfindor
33rd place Ballymun Adventure by Brendan Cribbin
34th place Tentellian Island by Zack Wood
35th place Lawn of Love by Santoonie Corporation
36th place Beam by Madrone Eddy
37th place Enter the Dark by Peter R. Shushmaruk
38th place Green Falls by Paul Allen Panks
39th place (tie) Sisyphus by Theo Koutz
39th place (tie) Visocica by Thorben Bürgel
41st place Simple Adventure by Paul Allen Panks
42nd place Fetter's Grim by Paul Allen Panks
43rd place PTGOOD 8*10^23 by Sartre Malvolio

The organizer of the 2006 Annual Interactive Fiction Competition was Stephen Granade.