Winners of the 1995 IFComp

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The competition's very first run in 1995 split the entries into two categories: one for games written with Inform, and one for TADS. Therefore, that year had two first-place winners, two second-place winners, and so on...

1st place (tie) A Change in the Weather by Andrew Plotkin @zarfeblong
1st place (tie) Uncle Zebulon's Will by Magnus Olsson
2nd place (tie) The Mind Electric by Jason Dyer
2nd place (tie) Toonesia by Jacob Weinstein
3rd place (tie) The Magic Toyshop by Gareth Rees
3rd place (tie) The One That Got Away by Leon Lin
4th place (tie) Mystery Science Theater 3000 Presents "Detective" by C. E. Forman, Graeme Cree, and Stuart Moore
4th place (tie) A Night at the Museum Forever by Chris Angelini
4th place (tie) Undertow by Stephen Granade @Sargent
5th place All Quiet on the Library Front by Michael S. Phillips
6th place (tie) Tube Trouble by Richard Tucker
6th place (tie) Undo by Neil deMause

The organizer of the 1995 Annual Interactive Fiction Competition was Kevin Wilson.