Winners of the 2023 IFComp

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1st place Dr Ludwig and the Devil by SV Linwood
2nd place LAKE Adventure by B.J. Best @bjbest60
3rd place The Little Match Girl 4 by Ryan Veeder @rcveeder
4th place Honk! by Alex Harby @wisprabbit
5th place The Vambrace of Destiny by Arthur DiBianca
6th place Bali B&B by Felicity_Banks @FBanksBooks
7th place LUNIUM by Ben Jackson
8th place How Prince Quisborne the Feckless Shook His Title by John Ziegler
9th place Assembly by Ben Kirwin
10th place Put Your Hand Inside The Puppet Head by The Hungry Reader
11th place To Sea in a Sieve by J. J. Guest
12th place Xanthippe's Last Night with Socrates by Victor Gijsbers
13th place Paintball Wizard by Doug Egan
14th place Tricks of light in the forest by Pseudavid @pseudavid
15th place Citizen Makane by The Reverend
16th place Dysfluent by Allyson Gray
17th place Hand Me Down by Brett Witty @brettwitty
18th place (tie) One King to Loot them All by Onno Brouwer
18th place (tie) Eat the Eldritch by Olaf Nowacki @OlafNowacki
20th place Fix Your Mother's Printer by Geoffrey Golden @geoffreygolden
21st place CODENAME OBSCURA by Mika Kujala
22nd place (tie) Gestures Towards Divinity by Charm Cochran @Over__Thinkings
22nd place (tie) Ribald Bat Lady Plunder Quest by Joey Acrimonious
24th place Antony & Cleopatra: Case IV: The Murder of Marlon Brando by Travis Moy
25th place My Brother; The Parasite by qrowscant @qrowscant
26th place The Whisperers by Milo van Mesdag @MiloMesdag
27th place (tie) Death on the Stormrider by Daniel M. Stelzer
27th place (tie) Last Valentine's Day by Daniel Gao
29th place My Pseudo-Dementia Exhibition by Naomi Norbez (call me Bez, he/they) @NaomiNorbez
30th place Detective Osiris by Adam Burt @Newnab
31st place (tie) The Gift of What You Notice More by Xavid and co-written by:
31st place (tie) Kaboom by By anonymous, artwork by Vera Pohl
33rd place The Whale's Keeper by Ben Parzybok @sparkwatson
34th place One Does Not Simply Fry by Stewart C Baker and James Beamon and co-written by:
35th place All the Troubles Come My Way by Sam Dunnachie
36th place Bright Brave Knight Knave by Andrew Schultz @anandrewschultz
37th place Beat Witch by Robert Patten
38th place All Hands by Natasha Ramoutar
39th place The Finders Commission by Deborah Sherwood
40th place Who Iced Mayor McFreeze? by Damon L. Wakes
41st place (tie) Artful Deceit by James O'Reilly and co-written by:
41st place (tie) One Knight Stand by A. Hazard
43rd place The Ship by Sotiris Niarchos
44th place The Long Kill by James Blair
45th place DICK MCBUTTS GETS KICKED IN THE NUTS by Damon L. Wakes (writing as “Hubert Janus”)
46th place (tie) Milliways: the Restaurant at the End of the Universe by Max Fog
46th place (tie) Trail Stash by Andrew Schultz @anandrewschultz
48th place GameCeption by Ruo @ruozestudios
49th place (tie) Escape your psychosis by Georg Buchrucker
49th place (tie) 20 Exchange Place by Sol FC
49th place (tie) All Hands Abandon Ship by David Lee
52nd place Please Sign Here by Michelle Negron (writing as “Road”)
53rd place (tie) A Thing of Wretchedness by AKheon @AKheon
53rd place (tie) Lonehouse by Ayu Sekarlangit Mokoginta @hauntshill
55th place Barcarolle in Yellow by Víctor Ojuel @victorojuel
56th place Help! I Can't Find My Glasses! by Lacey Green
57th place (tie) Lake Starlight by SummersViaEarth
57th place (tie) Have Orb, Will Travel by Jim MacBrayne (writing as “Older Timer”)
59th place Last Vestiges by thesleuthacademy
60th place Shanidar, Safe Return by Cecilia Dougherty @cdougherty
61st place Out of Scope by Drew Castalia
62nd place We All Fall Together by Camron Gonzalez @CamronJGonzalez
63rd place The Sculptor by Yakoub Mousli
64th place Magor Investigates... by Larry Horsfield
65th place The Paper Magician by Soojung Choi
66th place The Witch by Charles Moore
67th place Virtue by Oliver Revolta @oliverrevolta
68th place In The Details by M.A. Shannon
69th place The Engima of Solaris by jkj yuio
70th place Creative Cooking by dott. Piergiorgio
71st place Into The Lion's Mouth by Metalflower
72nd place Meritocracy by Ronynn ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
73rd place For Eternity, Again and Again by TheChosenGiraffe
74th place Hawkstone by Handsome McStranger

The organizer of the 2023 Annual Interactive Fiction Competition was Jacqueline Ashwell.