Winners of the 1997 IFComp

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1st place The Edifice by Lucian P. Smith
2nd place Babel by Ian Finley
3rd place Glowgrass by Nate Cull
4th place She's Got a Thing for a Spring by Brent VanFossen
5th place A Bear's Night Out by David Dyte
6th place Sunset Over Savannah by Ivan Cockrum
7th place Poor Zefron's Almanac by Carl Klutzke
8th place The Lost Spellmaker by Neil James Brown
9th place Sins Against Mimesis by Adam Thornton
10th place A New Day by Jonathan Fry
11th place Zero Sum Game by Cody Sandifer
12th place Zombie! by Scott Starkey
13th place The Frenetic Five vs. Sturm und Drang by Neil deMause
14th place Travels in the Land of Erden by Laura Knauth
15th place The Unholy Grail by Stuart Allen
16th place Friday Afternoon by Mischa Schweitzer
17th place Madame L'Estrange and the Troubled Spirit by Ian Ball and Marcus Young
18th place Sylenius Mysterium by C. E. Forman
19th place Phred Phontious and the Quest for Pizza by Michael Zey
20th place Down by Kent Tessman
21st place VirtuaTech by David S. Glasser
22nd place The Obscene Quest of Dr. Aardvarkbarf by Gary Roggin
23rd place A Good Breakfast by Stuart Adair
24th place Town Dragon by David Cornelson @david_cornelson
25th place The Tempest by Graham Nelson and William Shakespeare
26th place Temple of the Orc Mage by Gary Roggin
27th place E-Mailbox by Jay Goemmer
28th place Pintown by Stefan Blixt
29th place Leaves by Mikko Vuorinen
30th place Congratulations! by Frederick Hirsch
31st place CASK by Harry M. Hardjono
32nd place Symetry by Ryan Stevens
33rd place Aunt Nancy's House by Nate Schwartzman
34th place Coming Home by Andrew Katz

The organizer of the 1997 Annual Interactive Fiction Competition was Kevin Wilson.