Winners of the 2021 IFComp

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1st place And Then You Come to a House Not Unlike the Previous One by B.J. Best @bjbest60
2nd place Dr Horror's House of Terror by Ade @psyhivegames
3rd place The Song of the Mockingbird by Mike Carletta
4th place What Heart Heard Of, Ghost Guessed by Amanda Walker
5th place The Libonotus Cup by Nils Fagerburg
6th place Off-Season at the Dream Factory by B.J. Best @bjbest60 (writing as “Carroll Lewis”)
7th place The Golden Heist by George Lockett and Rob Thorman and co-written by:
8th place 4x4 Archipelago by Agnieszka Trzaska @agat_writes
9th place You are SpamZapper 3.1 by Leon Arnott @webbedspace
10th place A Paradox Between Worlds by Autumn Chen
11th place At King Arthur's Christmas Feast by Travis Moy
12th place The Best Man by Stephen Bond
13th place Sting by Mike Russo
14th place Funicular Simulator 2021 by Mary Goodden and Tom Leather
15th place Fine Felines by Felicity Banks @FBanksBooks
16th place we, the remainder by Charm Cochran @Over__Thinkings
17th place The House on Highfield Lane by Andy Joel
18th place Finding Light by Abigail Jazwiec
19th place Silicon and Cells by Nic Barkdull and co-written by:
20th place The Last Night of Alexisgrad by Milo van Mesdag @MiloMesdag
21st place D'ARKUN by Michael Baltes
22nd place Goat Game by Kathryn Li @yobel_labs
23rd place (tie) Universal Hologram by Kit Riemer
23rd place (tie) Grandma Bethlinda's Remarkable Egg by Arthur DiBianca
25th place Beneath Fenwick by Pete Gardner
26th place Mermaids of Ganymede by Paxton @sethpaxton
27th place Closure by Sarah Willson @swilllson
28th place (tie) Ghosts Within by Kyriakos Athanasopoulos
28th place (tie) The Waiting Room by Billy Krolick @williamkrolick
30th place A Papal Summons, or The Church Cat by Bitter Karella @bitterkarella
31st place How the monsters appeared in the Wasteland by V Dobranov @vd_cheshire
32nd place AardVarK Versus the Hype by Truthcraze @truthcrazeIF
33rd place Cyborg Arena by John Ayliff @johnayliff
34th place Second Wind by Matthew Warner @MatthewWarnerVA
35th place After-Words by fireisnormal @fireisnormal
36th place Hercules! by Leo Weinreb @timelee9
37th place Cygnet Committee by P.B. Parjeter
38th place I Contain Multitudes by Wonaglot
39th place The Last Doctor by Quirky Bones @SamirShotaro
40th place The Corsham Witch Trial by JC Blair
41st place Codex Sadistica by grave snail games @theiceberge
42nd place Starbreakers by E. Joyce and co-written by:
43rd place My Gender Is a Fish by Carter Gwertzman
44th place The Library by Leonardo Boselli @1001avventura
45th place Fourbyfourian Quarryin' by Andrew Schultz @anandrewschultz
46th place Brave Bear by John Evans @Chaoseed
47th place (tie) The Dead Account by Naomi Norbez (call me Bez, he/they) @NaomiNorbez
47th place (tie) Wabewalker by Ben Sisk
49th place Taste of Fingers by V Dobranov @vd_cheshire
50th place Walking Into It by Andrew Schultz @anandrewschultz
51st place How it was then and how it is now by Pseudavid @pseudavid
52nd place BLK MTN by Laura Paul @laura_n_paul
53rd place An Aside About Everything by Sasha
54th place Infinite Adventure by B.J. Best @bjbest60 (writing as “A. Scotts”)
55th place Recon by Carlos Pamies @_Pamies96
56th place The TURING Test by Justin Fanzo
57th place extraordinary_fandoms.exe by Storysinger Presents
58th place RetroCON 2021 by CRAIG RUDDELL (writing as “Sir Slice”)
59th place The Miller's Garden by Damon L. Wakes @DamonWakes
60th place The Spirit Within Us by Alessandro Ielo
61st place Unfortunate by Jess Elizabeth Reed @jex_ewizabee
62nd place What remains of me by Jovial Ron
63rd place Smart Theory by AKheon @AKheon
64th place This Won't Make You Happy by Mike GIllis
65th place Enveloping Darkness by John Muhlhauser, Helen Pluta and co-written by:
66th place Weird Grief by Naomi Norbez (call me Bez, he/they) @NaomiNorbez
67th place Kidney Kwest by Eric Zinda, Luka Marceta, Art by Kristina Ness
68th place Plane Walker by Jack Comfort
69th place The daughter by GioBorrows
70th place The Belinsky Conundrum by Sam Ursu
71st place The Vaults by Daniel Duarte

The organizer of the 2021 Annual Interactive Fiction Competition was Jacqueline Ashwell.