Winners of the 1996 IFComp

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1st place The Meteor, The Stone And A Long Glass Of Sherbet by Graham Nelson
2nd place Tapestry by Daniel Ravipinto
3rd place Delusions by C. E. Forman
4th place Small World by Andrew D. Pontious
5th place Kissing the Buddha's Feet by Leon Lin
6th place Fear by Chuan-Tze Teo
7th place Maiden of the Moonlight by Brian P. Dean
8th place Wearing the Claw by Paul O'Brian
9th place Alien Abduction? by Charles Gerlach
10th place Aayela by Magnus Olsson
11th place Lists and Lists by Andrew Plotkin @zarfeblong
12th place Ralph by Miron Schmidt
13th place Reverberations by Russell Glasser
14th place The Land Beyond the Picket Fence by Martin Oehm
15th place In the End by Joe Mason
16th place Piece of Mind by Giles Boutel
17th place Phlegm by Jason Dyer
18th place Sir Ramic Hobbs and the Oriental Walk by Gil Williamson
19th place Stargazer by Jonathan Fry
20th place Of Forms Unknown by Chris Markwyn
21st place Curse of Eldor by Stuart Allen
22nd place Don't Be Late by Greg Ewing
23rd place House of the Stalker by Jason Clayton White
24th place Rippled Flesh by Ryan Stevens
25th place Punkirita Quest 1: Liquid by Ryan Stevens
26th place My First Stupid Game by Dan McPherson

The organizer of the 1996 Annual Interactive Fiction Competition was Kevin Wilson.