The Interactive Fiction Competition

An annual celebration of new, text-driven digital games and stories from independent creators.

You're here early!

Welcome to! If you've visited before, you might notice things look quite a bit different. We're doing a bit of remodeling for the 2014 season — the comp's 20th year!

For a brief rundown on the IFComp and its schedule this year, see our About the Competition page.

What's here now?

The revamped competition results list every past comp game, including links to their IFDB pages — which let you download, play, or learn more about each.

We’ve also revised the comp rules, and created new pages about the comp’s history, guidelines for comp authors, and a summary of what “IF” means in 2014.

Stay comp-informed

For news and updates:

We'll post updates throughout the runup to the July kickoff while this new website comes online, bit by bit.