Donating to IFComp

The Annual Interactive Fiction Competition welcomes donations of two different kinds: prizes for competition entrants, and contributions that help support the competition itself. If you love IFComp, then we would gratefully accept either kind of support.

Donating prizes

Every year, as a long-standing tradition, the IFComp gathers a pool of prizes pledged by interactive fiction fans of every sort. These get distributed to the competition's entrants after the judging period ends, with the authors of higher-ranking work getting first pick.

Prizes can be just about anything. Over the years, IFComp prize donors have contributed cash, books, artwork, professional services, and much more. We encourage creativity in donations! The IFComp's organizers see the prize pool's primary purpose as supporting and emphasizing the positive and creative spirit of the competition.

To see the current or past prize pools, and to learn more about how to donate to this year's pool, please visit the IFComp prize page, or just write the organizers with your prize proposal.

Donating to IFTF

IFComp's parent organization, the Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation (IFTF), runs on funds donated by the public. IFTF uses these funds, in part, to pay for IFComp's hosting costs and other expenses.

IFTF is registered in the United States as a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit, making donations tax-deductible where allowed by law. To make a donation to the foundation that supports IFComp's own operations, please visit IFTF's own donations page.